Payment for Services: We do not participate in any in-network insurance panels. Check with your insurance provider for their out-of-network benefits. We bill monthly and full payment is expected upon receipt of the monthly statement. Paying per session can also be arranged. We do not accept any credit cards.

Cancellations: We require 24 hours notice prior to any cancellations. Any cancellations received within less than 24 hours will be charged. Inclement Weather: We will contact you if a sessions needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Confidentiality: Your privacy and confidentiality is our utmost concern. We will not speak to anyone other than you about your treatment unless you provide us with informed consent in writing.  There are specific and legal exceptions to this policy:

If a therapist has reason to believe that a child or dependent adult or elder is the victim of abuse, the therapist is required by law to notify the relevant authorities.

If a patient intends serious physical harm to another, the therapist is required by law to notify authorities and the intended victim.

If a patient intends to harm him or herself, the therapist will work intensively with the patient to ensure the patient’s safety. However, if the patient refuses to cooperate with such measures, additional measures may be taken without their permission in order to maintain their safety.

Therapists, like all health professionals, must honor court orders demanding their records.