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Dr. Adam Price is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with children and teens.  As the former Director of Outpatient Services at Newark Beth Israel Hospital and Associate Director at Family Connections, a mental health agency, he has supervised and trained numerous clinicians in family and child therapy.  A true extrovert, Dr. Price thrives on connecting to others. His patients have come from all walks of life, and their ages have covered the life span from four to seventy four. Dr. Price has published articles on family and child therapy and has been the author of a regular newspaper column on mental health issues that was syndicated in several New Jersey-based publications. He has presented widely to both parents and educators on child development and learning disabilities and has appeared on “Good Day New York” and other television programs to discuss topics ranging from child discipline to the impact of video games on children. A proud father of two sons, Dr. Price maintains a private practice in Chatham, New Jersey and Manhattan.


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